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Doctors (BBC) and Coronation Street (ITV)

Working on Coronation Street was both  surreal and special. I'd watched this iconic show with my family from childhood and it was an honour to play opposite its regulars in an important storyline. Landing a multi-episode role in Doctors was a big deal. First off,  it was my first production for the BBC and secondly it is based and was filmed in my hometown of  Birmingham. 



Moonshine Saloon

I have the pleasure of acting on a weekly basis at immersive theatre venues and events. Immersive theatre involves a lot of improvisation, detailed character development and imagination and keeps me sharp as an actor. Pictured is me as one of my incarnations, Clyde Cassidy, a cowboy bootlegger at Moonshine Saloon.



The Capture - Season 2

The first season of The Capture on the BBC was a huge hit and I am  excited to announce that I have a guest role in the upcoming return of this major BBC thriller series. Stay tuned for more news!



Beautiful In The Morning

I have been passionate about this film project from the off.  I landed the lead male role after three rounds of auditioning. I was drawn immediately to the character Nick; he's complex, enigmatic and a social misfit.  He provided the sort of the challenge I'm always searching for as an actor. The feature is now released and can be found on Amazon Prime. It was written and directed by Flavia Casa. Flavia has her own production company, Caritas Films.  I'm grateful to have been named Best UK Actor for my work in the film at the London International Motion Picture Awards 2019.



The Bodyguard - Tour of UK, Ireland & Japan

It was theatre that got me into acting and there is no other acting feeling like being on stage. That's why a 15-month tour with the West End show The Bodyguard has to be one of my best career moments to date. We played to enormous packed houses every night and I played various ensemble characters , as well as covering four of the main roles in the show. Performing in Japan was also special!



Chewing Gum, Lala's Ladiez & Jenifa's Diary

Comedy is as thrilling for me as serious drama. I guest starred in Michaela Cole's internationally recognised series Chewing Gum (E4, Netflix, HBO Max), as a surly East European bouncer. I also had a lead guest role in a sitcom for Zee TV,  India's preeminent television entertainment network. Lala's Ladiez was its first-ever English adaptation. It was a joy working with the regular cast on the show, which included Kulvinder Ghir - one of the biggest names in British Asian comedy. My other credits include two seasons as a regular in Nigeria's uber popular Jenifa's Diary, working with its superstar creator Funke Akindele.

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